custom design. custom printing. 

we kid a lot on this site, but rest assured, we take our work seriously.

aside from printing shirts, we offer custom design and print services. everything from custom apparel, illustration, apparel design, fine art prints, invitations, posters,wedding gifts, handlettered signs, custom totes/booze bags and so on — we are your one stop shop for anything you might want or need.

what sets us aside from other design outfits is our size. as it remains just me, it keeps our process efficient, and more over, affordable, when compared to other agencies. you get personalized, focused services that would not normally come from a larger firm.

we have been fortunate enough to work with area client such as Geraci’s Restaurant. Keller Glass, Shooting without Bullets, Wendigo Tea Co., Six Shooter Coffee, The Everarbor Company, Gamekeepers Tavern, Zygote Press, The Cleveland Bazaar, ModernCLE, Blair RItchey, Cleveland Montessori, Case Western, Cleveland Clinic, and Murray Hill Market — to name a few.

so please let us know if you would like to work with us directly. we are more than happy to schedule a consultation. please inquire through and we can provide a general price list:

** please note: we do not take custom orders for "one off" t-shirt designs. we provide an estimate for each order. we also do not reproduce popular, copyrighted material — or your instagram tag ...unless it's really, really funny.  

our capabilities:

• custom gifts • illustration  • custom lettering
• hand printing  • silk screen  • apparel design
• class-based tutorials