ugly, yella liars

hannah and anthony are two respective cleveland miscreants who creatively bonded over a mutual dislike for everyone else — not to mention a shared penchant for john hughes. between hannah's bfa in printmaking and anthony's in graphic design, the two set out to make all the stuff people joke about being real. at least as far as t-shirts go.

hannah feels that there is no-greater joy in life than obsessing over hanson*. anthony, however, disagrees feeling that the crash test dummies quite never got their full due**.

* completely true   ** maybe not true

about our stuff

we design and print everything we sell — and we do mean everything. from bad idea, to crummy sketch, to questionable print — it's just us. we don't farm anything out to commercial printers or rely on clip art. everything we do is by our own two hands. hand drawn, hand screened, hand folded. hell... we don't even have a goddamn print carrousel, it is LITERALLY just a screen practically nailed to a hunk of wood in what can only be likened a large outhouse. so yeah, buy some stuff and we can afford heat next year.

about our shirts

as mentioned above, we print everything by hand. we use water-base inks as opposed to plastic-based inks. this keeps us green, amongst other things. it also yields a slightly different look than what plastic inks offer — these days often confused with iron-on transfers. you'll see a little bit more of the "process" in our apparel — a look a bit more distressed but definitely akin to your favorite old t-shirt.

we take a lot of pride in developing this stuff on our own and we hope you dig our stuff as much as we do. despite our terrible affected demeanors, we would love to hear from you. please contact us with any and all questions, praise, and nudies.